How to Draw a Minion Step 11

Step 11: Darken the shape of the mouth and draw a few square-like shapes on upper inside of the Minion's mouth for the big teeth.


How to Draw a Minion Step 12

Step 12: Use the top part of the main circle as a guide to draw the Minion's head. On top of the head draw a few curved lines to represent the parted hair. You can draw different hair depending on what Minion you're drawing.

How to Draw a Minion Step 13

Step 13: Draw two long rectangle-like shapes above the guide lines for the arms for the overall straps. Draw a small circle at the end of each for the buttons. Draw the top part of the overalls under the Minion's mouth and inside the U-shaped arc of the body.


How to Draw a Minion Step 14

Step 14: Draw a shape similar to a square with a rounded bottom in the middle portion of the Minion's overalls for the center pocket. Inside the shape, draw the Gru logo, which consists of a diamond with a G in the middle of it. Use the image above as reference fr the logo. Finish the overalls by drawing the pants portion at the bottom using the small squares as guides.

How to Draw a Minion Step 15

Step 15: Use the line and circle on the right as guides to draw the Minion's hand. Follow the path of the line and make it thicker to draw the arm. Use the shape of the circle to form the Minion's glove and fist.

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