How to Draw Rainbow Dash Step 6

Step 6: Under the torso, draw two slightly curved lines as guides for the feet. The legs should be about as long as Rainbow Dash's torso and her neck combined. On the left side of her torso, draw a long wavy line as a guide for her tail.


How to Draw Rainbow Dash Step 7

Step 7: On the topside of her torso right in between her neck and tail, draw a curved line that resembles a horseshoe or an upside-down U. This will be a guide for Rainbow Dash's wings.


How to Draw Rainbow Dash Step 8

Step 8: That's it for the initial sketch! You have the basic Rainbow Dash shape, so now go in and tighten your drawing. From this point on, press harder with your pencil in order to get darker lines and a more defined sketch.


How to Draw Rainbow Dash Step 9

Step 9: On the upper left side of the head, draw Rainbow Dash's ear. It kind of looks like an upside down letter V with the sides bulging out a bit. Draw a small line within in for detail.


How to Draw Rainbow Dash Step 10

Step 10: Draw the top part of Rainbow Dash's mane that extends from the right side of the ear and spreads across her face covering the top part of the right eye. Add some spikes at the end of her mane to represent its unruliness. Use the image above for further reference when drawing.

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