How to Draw Corpse Bride Step 11

Step 11: Continue drawing the dead flowers in the middle of Emily's veil. You can draw some petals, but remember to not use smooth, straight lines. Use jagged, random lines because the flowers are wilted and decomposing.


How to Draw Corpse Bride Step 12

Step 12: Finish drawing the flowers on the right side. Use the image above for reference when drawing. Also darken the original line you drew for Emily's veil.


How to Draw Corpse Bride Step 13

Step 13: The section about how to draw the Corpse Bride's hair is also divided into three parts. First draw a vertical line on either side of Emily's head that connects the bottom of sides of the veil to the side of the main oval. Her hair is parted, so draw a line off-center below her veil that splits in two and touches the sides of her face. Now draw a wavy line on either side of her head that touches her shoulders.


How to Draw Corpse Bride Step 14

Step 14: Draw a series of lines inside each half of the top part of Emily's hair that follow the initial shape. This will represent her hair being parted in two.


How to Draw Corpse Bride Step 15

Step 15: The rest of the Corpse Bride's hair comes down to the sides. Draw random lines within the bottom part of her hair to represent her unkempt hair. Don't draw neat straight lines because her hair should be tangled and unruly. After all, the Corpse Bride is dead.

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