How to Draw Corpse Bride Step 6

Step 6: Darken in the shape of Emily's eyes by thickening the lines a bit more. Near the top of each eye, draw a curve for her eyelids. Draw a series of curved lines on that curve and on the bottom of Emily's eyes to represent eyelashes.


How to Draw Corpse Bride Step 7

Step 7: Finish drawing Emily's eyes by drawing an oval inside of each and shading it. On top of each eye, draw a long, narrow shape that tilts up toward the middle of her face and dips down toward the sides of her face. These shapes are Emily's eyebrows.



How to Draw Corpse Bride Step 8

Step 8: Using the top small horizontal line as a guide, draw in Emily's nose, which are two tiny triangles that sit on top of the line. Draw a small line that begins at the vertical construction line and kind of wraps around her nose. This line gives the Corpse Bride's nose more structure.


How to Draw Corpse Bride Step 9

Step 9: Use the other small horizontal line as a guide to draw Emily's mouth. First make the line a bit longer and add her upper lip by drawing a shape that resembles a stretched-out letter M. Below that add a wide curve for this Tim Burton character's lower lip.


How to Draw Corpse Bride Step 10

Step 10: The top of the veil is tricky, so this section about how to draw the Corpse Bride's veil is divided into three parts. The veil is composed of dead, decaying flowers. Start on the left side and draw small random shapes that resemble crumpled paper. They don't have to look like flowers because they're dead. Add some thin stems too. Use the image above if you need more reference when drawing.

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