Draw Captain America Step 11

Step 11: Above Captain America's eyes and in the middle of his forehead, draw a bold letter A. Use the vertical construction line to help you locate the middle.


Draw Captain America Step 12

Step 12: On either side of the A on the sides of Captain America's head, draw little wings that are part of his mask. These can be tricky, so use the image above for reference when drawing Captain America's mask.

Draw Captain America Step 13

Step 13: Captain America's mask doesn't cover his mouth or nose, so draw a curved line above his nose and one on each side of his face to create this hole in his mask.


Draw Captain America Step 14

Step 14: Now use the bottom part of the oval as a guide and draw in Captain America's lower jaw. It starts below the main horizontal construction line. Create this Marvel Comics hero cheekbones and make the shape a bit more square at the bottom. If you'd like, you can draw a small line on Captain America's chin for a cleft.

Draw Captain America Step 15

Step 15: Captain America's ears are also outside his mask, so use the initial shapes as guides and add detail to give them structure.

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