Draw Captain America Step 6

Step 6: Inside each eye, draw a circle to represent Captain America's iris. Inside each iris, draw a crescent moon and shade it in. This will be Captain America's pupil. The bottom part will act as glare.


Draw Captain America Step 7

Step 7: Add the holes of Captain America's face mask, which in turn create his eyebrows. Start by drawing what appear to be check marks above his eyes, then continue going around his eye until the line meets again. In between his eyes, draw a small line for a wrinkle.

Draw Captain America Step 8

Step 8: Above the small horizontal line, draw to small curves to represent Captain America's nostrils. On either side of these lines, draw two small vertical lines to represent the sides of his nose.


Draw Captain America Step 9

Step 9: Draw the bridge of Captain America's nose as a broken vertical line that extends from in between his nostrils upward. End the line in between his eyes. Draw a couple more lines for extra detail.

Draw Captain America Step 1

Step 10: Using the lowest of the horizontal lines, draw Captain America's mouth. Just thicken the line a bit and add another small line below it for his bottom lip. Draw another curved line above this Marvel comic book hero's mouth for detail.

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