How to Draw Road Runner Looney Tunes 10

Step 10: Inside each eye, draw a small oval for the Road Runner's pupils. Keep the ovals close to the right edges of the eyes. Above each eye, draw a curved line for the thick brow.

How to Draw Road Runner Looney Tunes 11

Step 11: To the right of the Road Runner's eyes, draw a long arc for the side of the Road Runner's beak that creates a cheek-like structure. To the left of the eyes, draw a smaller arc for the beak's other "cheek". Inside each "cheek", draw a small line for the smile lines. To the left of the tip of the beak, draw a curved line that represents the other side of the curved beak.

How to Draw Road Runner Looney Tunes 12

Step 12: Above the first circle, draw a series of curved lines for the feathers on the Road Runner's head. The feathers are made up of thin, long arc with a sideways orientation. The feather on the right should stand up straighter. Add a small line that connects the feathers to the beak to complete the head. Draw the feathers big; almost the same size as the head.

How to Draw Road Runner Looney Tunes 13

Step 13: Darken the line under the head for the first part of the Road Runner's neck. To the left, draw another line that's almost parallel to make the neck thicker. Don't make the neck too thick.

How to Draw Road Runner Looney Tunes 14

Step 14: Use the line under the body as a guide to draw the Road Runner's first leg. Darken the guide and make the shape of the leg thicker using another long line at the top. Make the top part thick for the base of the leg. At the bottom, draw two thin, long shapes for the toes. The tips of the toes should be thicker and round. At the tip of each toe, draw a tiny, triangular shape for the nails. Inside the leg, draw a few short lines for creases on the bare skin.

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