How to Draw Aladdin Step 11

Step 11: Darken in Aladdin’s nose and extend the top so it touches his left eyebrow. Draw in two curves that look like parentheses on either side of the lower part of Aladdin's nose and two smaller curves on the bottom for his nostrils.


How to Draw Aladdin Step 12

Step 12: Darken in Aladdin’s mouth and make it wider. Draw a small wide curve underneath to represent his lower lip.


How to Draw Aladdin Step 13

Step 13: Aladdin has messy hair, which can be tricky, so it’s broken down in three parts. Using the guide, draw the top part first using a series of curves. The left side of Aladdin's should extend out further left. Give Aladdin a nice big clump of hair in the middle of his head that ends with a point between his eyebrows.


How to Draw Aladdin Step 14

Step 14: Draw the right side of Aladdin's hair by using the guides again and give him a few stray clumps near the bottom. Draw a V shape in between the right eyebrow and his ear to represent Aladdin's sideburn.


How to Draw Aladdin Step 15

Step 15: Continue drawing the bottom of Aladdin’s hair giving him more stray clumps on the left and right sides. Make the right side curve in to overlap his neck.

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