How to Draw Goofy Disney Full Body 20

Step 20: Draw a circular line around the shape of the shoulder for the first part of Goofy's vest. Draw a big, L-shaped line across the torso for the vest's first flap. On the left side of the body, draw another big, angled line similar in shape to the letter L to finish the vest.

How to Draw Goofy Disney Full Body 21

Step 21: Draw a thin, short arc on right edge of the other small circle for the thumb on the hand. To the left of the thumb, at the top of the circle, draw a taller thin arc for the first finger. To the left, draw another tall arc for another finger. Notice how the arcs for Goofy's fingers curve a bit. On the top, left side of the circle, draw a smaller arc for the pinky finger. Darken the bottom edge of the circle for the hand. Add a small line inside for a crease. Draw a series of curved lines below the hand for the glove's opening and the shirt's sleeve. Don't overlap Goofy's vest as you draw the sleeve. Draw a line at the top for a bit of the shoulder.

How to Draw Goofy Disney Full Body 22

Step 22: Darken the edges of the rectangular shapes below the torso to create Goofy's pants. Don't darken the middle line all the way to the top. At the bottom, draw a couple of curved lines for the cuffs. Below the cuffs, draw a couple of short, cylindrical shapes around the guide lines for a bit of Goofy's legs.

How to Draw Goofy Disney Full Body 23

Step 23: Draw a couple of short, curved lines around the leg on the right for the top of the first shoe. Draw a couple of short, curved lines close to the top edge of the initial oval for the creases on the shoe. Darken the rest of the oval to complete Goofy's shoe. Draw a small line on the lower, left side for the heel.

How to Draw Goofy Disney Full Body 24

Step 24: Use the oval on the left as a guide to draw Goofy's other shoe the same way. Draw the shoe opening and creases at the top and then darken the rest of the oval. Draw the heel at the bottom too.

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