How to Draw Goofy Disney Full Body 10

Step 10: Draw a small oval onto of the sideways arc on the head for Goofy's nose. Draw a small circle inside the nose for highlight. To the right of the nose, draw a small, curved line for the muzzle. Draw a couple more short, curved lines to the right for the ridges at the top of the muzzle. Use the line for the initial arc and the line inside the head as guides for the path of the muzzle. On the right side, draw a bigger curved line for the top, right side of Goofy's muzzle.

How to Draw Goofy Disney Full Body 11

Step 11: Draw a curved, horizontal line along the bottom of the initial arc for Goofy's smile. This line should stretch to the right into the small circle. Add a short line at the tip for a smile line. On the left side, draw a couple more lines for the other half of the smile. Follow the basic path of the arc as you draw this side of the smile. Draw two small, square-like shapes along the bottom curved lines of the smile for the teeth.

How to Draw Goofy Disney Full Body 12

Step 12: For Goofy's eyes, draw two thin, tall arcs inside the head sitting directly on top of the muzzle. Use the initial vertical line as a guide for the position of the eyes. The eye on the right should be a bit bigger.

How to Draw Goofy Disney Full Body 13

Step 13: Inside each eye, on the lower, left side, draw a small oval for the pupils. Shade the insides of the pupils but leave a tiny circle blank for highlight. Above Goofy's eyes, draw two shorter arcs for the thick brows. Draw the brows along the top edge of the initial circle.

How to Draw Goofy Disney Full Body 14

Step 14: Draw the bottom part of the mouth along the path of the initial small arc. The line on the bottom curves inward to create the lower lip. Inside the arc, draw a smaller arc for the mouth. Inside Goofy's mouth, draw a couple of short, curved lines for the tongue.

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