How to Draw Donald Duck Full Body 15

Step 15: Inside each eye, near the lower, left side, draw a small oval for the pupils. Shade in the eyes but don't push down too hard with your pencil. At the top of each eye, draw a small arc for Donald Duck's thick brows. The brows should be very close to the edge of the initial circle guide.

How to Draw Donald Duck Full Body 16

Step 16: At the top of the head, draw three small, spike-like shapes for the feathery tufts. Darken the rest of the initial circle to create the shape of Donald Duck's head.

How to Draw Donald Duck Full Body 17

Step 17: Use the shape on top of the head as a guide to draw the hat. First draw a small, thin, curved shape directly on top of Donald Duck's head for the base of the hat. Darken the path of the guide but add an extra curved line at the bottom to create a crease on the hat. At the bottom, draw a small, angled line similar to a tall letter W for the hat's ribbon.

How to Draw Donald Duck Full Body 18

Step 18: Draw a small, curved line to the left of the neck for the first part of the collar. Below the neck, draw a line that slopes to the right for the shirt's opening. At the end of the line, lightly sketch a small shape similar to a triangle for the first part of the bow. When you get the shape right, darken the lines. Curve the middle section to create creases. To the right, draw a curved line for the bow's knot. Then draw a line to the neck for the opening on Donald Duck's shirt. Farther to the right, draw another small, triangle-like shape for the other side of the bow. Curve the middle of the shape for the bow's crease. At the top, draw a couple more lines for the collar.

How to Draw Donald Duck Full Body 19

Step 19: Use the angled line on the left side of the body as a guide to draw Donald Duck's first arm. Follow the path of the guide and draw the shape of the arm around it. At the bottom, overlap the small circle with a curved line to create the shirt's sleeve. Don't make the arm too thick. Draw a couple of short, curved lines on the sleeve for a stripe.

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