Draw Sadness Inside Out 11

Step 11: Inside each eye, draw a circle for Sadness' irises. Inside each iris, draw a tiny circle off to the side to represent glare. In the middle of each iris, draw another circle and shade it in for the pupils.


Draw Sadness Inside Out 12

Step 12: Draw two big ovals around Sadness' eyes for the first part of her glasses. The glasses are circular, but from this angle, they appear as ovals. Notice that the ovals tilt slightly to the left and that the oval on the left side is coming out of the head just a little bit. Use the construction lines as guides to help you place the ovals in the right spots.


Draw Sadness Inside Out 13

Step 13: Now draw the outside part of Sadness' glasses as two more ovals. Follow the path of the first ovals as you draw the outer portion of the glasses. When you get to the middle section between the eyes, add a small arch that connects the ovals.


Draw Sadness Inside Out 14

Step 14: Above each of Sadness' eyes, draw a long thick shape for her eyebrows. The eyebrows should tilt down toward the outside of the face to create a sad look. Be sure to not overlap the lines of the glasses. The eyebrows should be behind the glasses.


Draw Sadness Inside Out 15

Step 15: Right below the middle section of Sadness' glasses, draw her nose using a series of short curved lines. Under the nose, draw a slightly longer line for her mouth. Make sure her mouth curves down to give her a sad expression.

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