Draw Wendy 16

Step 16: Wendy Darling's hair is a bit tricky, so it's divided into four parts. First draw the top left part of the hair by using the initial line as a guide. The line should extend to just above the eyebrows. Draw three small curly chunks of hair using curved lines that come to a point above the eyebrow as well.


Draw Wendy 17

Step 17: Now draw the top right part of Wendy Darling's hair by using the other line as a guide. Draw only one curl above the eyebrow, as the other two are hiding behind the head.


Draw Wendy 18

Step 18: Add the left part of the hair over the ear using the initial line as a guide. Draw a long curved line over Wendy Darling's ear, then another curved line to the left of it as you follow the guide.


Draw Wendy 19

Step 19: The final part of the hair is Wendy Darling's curls in the back. Draw them as long, thin, curved lines within the shape you previously drew. These shapes should be similar to sausages. There should be three main ones, with the bottom part of the fourth one barely visible.


Draw Wendy 20

Step 20: On the back of the head above the curls, draw a couple of angled lines for the bow in Wendy Darling's hair.

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