Draw Roger Rabbit 11

Step 11: Use the oval-like shapes on top of the muzzle as guides to draw Roger Rabbit's eyes. Darken the shapes of the ovals but make the top parts pointier.


Draw Roger Rabbit 12

Step 12: Inside each eye, on the bottom side, draw a small circle for the irises. Inside each iris draw a small dot for the pupils and a couple of lines to represent glare. Above Roger Rabbit's eyes, draw a couple of curved lines for the eyebrows and wrinkles.


Draw Roger Rabbit 13

Step 13: Use the rest of the lines and shapes as guides to draw Roger Rabbit's head. Darken the lines and give the cheeks a few spiky lines for the fur. The top part of the head, on the left side, should be narrower.


Draw Roger Rabbit 14

Step 14: Draw Roger Rabbit's big bow under the head and neck. Use a series of long curved lines to make the sides of the bow and a couple of smaller curved lines for the bow's knot.


Draw Roger Rabbit 15

Step 15: Add a few circles inside Roger Rabbit's bow for the cloth's pattern.

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