Draw Pooh Eeyore 16

Step 16: Using a series of curved lines, draw the front part of Eeyore's mane that sits on top of the head. The curved lines should come to a point to from clumps of hair. The top part of these lines should sit outside of the main circle.


Draw Pooh Eeyore 17

Step 17: Use the U-shaped line under the left part of the body to draw the front leg on this side. Follow the basic path of the guide as you darken the line but when you get to the bottom, bend the shape forward a bit. Use a few small lines to create the creases in the cloth. Draw another curved line near the bottom that represents the stitching.


Draw Pooh Eeyore 18

Step 18: Draw Eeyore's hind leg the same way. Follow the basic path of the guide and bend the tip forward to create the foot. Extend the top of the leg high up inside the body. Add the line near the bottom for the stitching.


Draw Pooh Eeyore 19

Step 19: Use the remaining U-shaped lines as guides to draw Eeyore's legs on the other side of the body. Don't forget to bend the tips forward and add the stitching.


Draw Pooh Eeyore 20

Step 20: Use the line on the right side as a guide to draw Eeyore's tail. Draw the tack that fastens the tail to the body as a circle and a couple of lines. Thicken up the shape of the tail by following the path of the guide. Near the bottom, draw the crooked bow using a series of curved lines. At the very bottom, draw the furry tail by using a series of curved lines that come to a point.

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