Draw Pooh Eeyore 11

Step 11: Use the initial oval-like shapes as guides to draw Eeyore's eyes. Add a line near the middle of the eyes to indicate the half-closed eyelids and darken the lower part of the shapes for the rest of the eyes. Add a couple of lines on the top and bottom for the wrinkles and bags under his eyes.


Draw Pooh Eeyore 12

Step 12: Inside each eye, draw an oval and shade it in for the pupils. On top of each eye, draw a long, thick shape for Eeyore's eyebrows. Draw the eyebrows with a diagonal orientation for that classic droopy look.


Draw Pooh Eeyore 13

Step 13: Use the U-shaped line under the main circle as a guide to draw Eeyore's muzzle. Follow the basic shape of the guides as you darken the lines. Add an extra line at the bottom for the smiling mouth. Above the mouth, draw two small shapes for the nostrils.


Draw Pooh Eeyore 14

Step 14: Darken the sides of the guides to create Eeyore's head. Add a line across the middle of the head by using the vertical construction line as a guide to draw the stitching on the face.


Draw Pooh Eeyore 15

Step 15: Use the curved line on the left side of Eeyore's head as a guide to draw the ear. Follow the basic path of the guide but make it pointier. Add a line across the middle for the inside portion of the ear. Draw the ear on the other side as well but only draw the visible portion since most of it is hiding behind the head.

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