Draw Meg Hercules 16

Step 16: Use the curved line on the top left side as a guide to draw the big part of Meg's hair at the front. Follow the path of the guide, but draw a loose clump of hair at the bottom of the arc using a a couple of wavy lines.


Draw Meg Hercules 17

Step 17: Now use the longer line on the right side as a guide to draw the back portion of Meg's hair. Follow the path of the guide but make the line extend farther to the left at the top and make it wavier on the right. Draw a small curved line close to Meg's face near the middle for her ear.


Draw Meg Hercules 18

Step 18: Meg has a big thick pony tail. Draw a line that curves up from the ear for the thick pony tail and a couple of parallel curved lines across the shape for the hair band holding it together. Above the shoulder on the left, draw another curved line for the rest of the pony tail peeking from behind.


Draw Meg Hercules 19

Step 19: Darken the guides to create the neck and shoulders, and add three small curved lines below each shoulder for the straps on Meg's dress.


Draw Meg Hercules 20

Step 20: Below each of Meg's straps, draw a circle for the fasteners holding them up. Inside each circle, draw a spiral similar to the number 6 for extra detail.

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