Draw Meg Hercules 11

Step 11: Use the construction lines as guides to draw Meg's nose. The nose consists of a line that starts at the eyebrow on the left, then curves to the left to form a point and finally curves inward again and ends at the bottom edge of the main circle.


Draw Meg Hercules 12

Step 12: Meg's lips are a bit tricky, so they're divided into two steps. First draw the mouth opening as a line under the nose. Notice that the line has kind of a point near the left side and curves up near the right side and touches the bottom edge of the main circle.


Draw Meg Hercules 13

Step 13: Now draw the upper lip as a line with two bumps on top and the bottom lip as a long curved line at the bottom.


Draw Meg Hercules 14

Step 14: Use the initial shapes as guides to draw Meg's face. Follow the basic path of the guides, but make the line on the left come in toward the eye a bit more as you darken it.


Draw Meg Hercules 15

Step 15: Meg's hair is a bit tricky, so it's divided into four parts. First draw the part of the hair closer to the face. Using a couple of curved lines, draw the curl near the middle of the forehead and curved lines on either side of it. Now draw the long, thin clump of hair on the right side  using a few wavy lines that come to a curved point at the bottom.

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