Draw The Beast 16

Step 16: On top of the lip, draw two small triangle-like shapes for the bottom teeth coming out of the Beast's mouth. On the left side of the nose and mouth, draw a couple of curved lines to add to the frown.


Draw The Beast 17

Step 17: Under the lip, draw the Beast's beard by using a series of curved lines. The beard connects to the lip on the left side and the middle. It also connects to it on the right but isn't visible from this perspective. The bottom of the beard is similar to the letter V. Draw it using quick, short strokes to make it furrier.


Draw The Beast 18

Step 18: Now draw the markings under the Beast's eyes by using a few jagged lines. The two outermost lines connect from the brow to the bottom. The line on the left goes all the way down to the beard, while the line on the right ends at the tooth, again because of the perspective. The innermost lines follow the same path but first go under the Beast's eyes.


Draw The Beast 19

Step 19: Use the lines on the sides as guides to draw the Beast's furry mane. Follow the path of the guides but use quick, short strokes as you darken the lines for a furry texture. Draw a couple of lines above the brow as well.


Draw The Beast 20

Step 20: Draw the Beast's horns by using the short arcs on top of the head. First draw the left outer portion of the horns as you follow the guide. When you get to the right, add the pointy tip using a curved line that goes back down toward the base.


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