Draw The Beast 11

Step 11: Above the Beast's eyes, draw a series of curved lines for the thick gorilla-like brow. The bottom part of the brow should overlap the guide for the eyes. The top part of the brow should go all the way up near the top edge of the main circle and should be composed of quick, short strokes to give it a furry look.


Draw The Beast 12

Step 12: Use the upside-down U shape in between the eyes as a guide to draw the bridge of the Beast's nose. Follow the basic path of the guide as you darken the line and make the shape point more toward the right. This top part should overlap the initial oval. Inside the shape, add a few lines to indicate the furry texture.


Draw The Beast 13

Step 13: Draw the Beast's nose under the shape created in the previous step by using the initial oval as a guide. Follow the basic path of the oval as you create the outer shape of the nose, which kind of resembles and upside-down triangle. On the lower left side of the nose, draw a small curved line for the nostril. On the top part, draw a line that dips down in the middle for extra detail.


Draw The Beast 14

Step 14: Darken the shapes of the Beast's eyes using a darker, thicker line. Draw a small circle inside each eye for the irises. In the middle of each iris, draw a big dot for the pupils. On the side of each pupil, add a tiny circle to represent the glare in the eyes.


Draw The Beast 15

Step 15: Under the nose, close to the bottom edge of the main circle, draw the Beast's bottom lip. The bottom lip is a long, thin shape consisting of curved lines. The Beast has somewhat of an underbite, so the top lip doesn't show. Add a line on the right side that connects the lip to the nose.


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