Draw Mufasa 11

Step 11: Use the line in the middle of the small circle as a guide to draw Mufasa's mouth. The mouth is made up of a thick, wavy line under the nose. Draw another line on the right side of the mouth that connects to the nose.


Draw Mufasa 12

Step 12: Draw Mufasa's chin under the mouth by drawing a line from the right end of the mouth down toward the lower right side of the circles, then moving across the bottom and to the lower left edge of the main circle. When you draw this line, use a series of separate strokes instead of a single line for a more furry texture. Draw a couple more lines on the left side of Mufasa's mouth to complete the muzzle.


Draw Mufasa 13

Step 13: Draw the inner left side of Mufasa's mane using the main circle as a guide. The mane is made up of a couple of wavy lines that run along the left edge of the main circle and end at the bottom under the chin.


Draw Mufasa 14

Step 14: Draw the inner side of Mufasa's mane on the right side using the right edge of the main circle as a guide. The two lines at the top make the mane taller and puffier.


Draw Mufasa 15


Step 15: Now draw the outer side of the mane on the left as a series of long curved lines. It extends out far from the main circle and ends far down under Mufasa's head. Draw another curved line closer to the chin for the bottom inner part of the mane. Draw a couple of curved lines on the top left side of the mane for the ear.

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