Draw Mufasa 6

Step 6: Darken the shape of Mufasa's eyes and make the edges thicker. Draw a small line on top of each eye for the eyelids.


Draw Mufasa 7

Step 7: Inside each eye, draw a small circle for Mufasa's irises. Inside each iris, draw a dot for the pupils.


Draw Mufasa 8

Step 8: Above each eye, draw a long, thick shape for Mufasa's eyebrows. The shape on the right should be smaller because of the perspective. The ends of the shapes should be pointy.


Draw Mufasa 9

Step 9: Draw Mufasa's nose inside the smaller circle. Place the shape slightly above the small line inside the circle. The shape of the nose is similar to a heart with angular sides.


Draw Mufasa 10

Step 10: Draw a line in the middle of Mufasa's nose. On either side of the line, draw a nostril that consists of a couple of curved lines. Draw a line on either side of the nose that stretches all the way to Mufasa's eyes.

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