Draw Disney's Tarzan 11

Step 1:1 Under Tarzan's nose, draw two lines to make up his mouth. The top line is for the actual mouth. The bottom line should be smaller and creates Tarzan's lower lip.


Draw Disney's Tarzan 12

Step 12: Tarzan's hair can be a little tricky, so it's divided into three steps. Tarzan's hair is divided into chunks like dreadlocks. The first chunk starts at the top of the head, then curves down the side of the face, over the ear, and then bends over the shoulder. Make the lines for Tarzan's hair wavy to indicate texture. This step can be challenging, so take your time, sketch it out lightly at first to get the structure right, and then darken the lines.


Draw Disney's Tarzan 13

Step 13: Use the C-shaped arc on the left as a guide to draw Tarzan's ear. Darken the edge of the ear except for the top part where the hair overlaps it. Draw a few lines within Tarzan's ear for structure. Draw the sideburns as a curved line to the right of the ear.


Draw Disney's Tarzan 14

Step 14: The back portion of Tarzan's hair consists of a few curved lines. Bend the lines so that they conform to the shape of Tarzan's head. The line should end on the left shoulder.


Draw Disney's Tarzan 15

Step 15: Now draw the chunk of hair on the right side of Tarzan's face as another long, wavy shape. Follow the side of the face as you draw the chunk of hair. Use Tarzan's face as a guide. The hair chunk bends at the bottom and rests over the shoulder.

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