Draw Anna Frozen 16

Step 16: Now learn how to draw Anna's hair. Her hair is tricky, so it's divided into four steps. First draw the top right side using the initial curved line as a guide. Draw this Frozen character's hair using a series of curved lines to create three big clumps of hair. Notice that the front of the hair comes very close to the eyebrow on the right, and then ends on a point at the bottom.


Draw Anna Frozen 17

Step 17: Use the long curved shape across the right shoulder as a guide to draw Anna's braid. The braid can be difficult, so take your time. Add one bump at a time. The braid is made up of five bumps on each side before the small knot at the bottom, so spread the bumps out.

Draw Anna Frozen 18

Step 18: We'll come back to the rest of Anna's hair in the next step, but first draw her face. Use the shape of the head as a guide to draw it. Simply darken the lines as you follow the path of the shapes. Also draw this Frozen character's ear on the right side using a series of curved lines.


Draw Anna Frozen 19

Step 19: Now draw Anna's hair on the top left side using the curved line as a guide. Draw the clumps of hair using curved lines that come to a point. The points should cover up part of the eyebrow on the left. Draw a few lines inside Anna's head at the top to show where the hair splits up.

Draw Anna Frozen 20

Step 20: Draw the braid on the left by using the pointy shape as a guide. Remember to take your time when drawing Anna's braid and add one bump at a time. The top two bumps on the right are incomplete because her coat will be covering them.

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