Draw Anna Frozen 11

Step 11: Now learn how to draw Anna's eyes. Tighten the outer shape of Anna's eyes and make the shapes point toward the center of the face. Draw the line thicker at the top of each eye for this Frozen character's eyelashes.


Draw Anna Frozen 12

Step 12: Inside each eye, draw a circle for Anna's irises. Inside each iris, draw a tiny circle to represent glare. Draw a bigger circle in the middle of the iris and shade it in for the pupils.

Draw Anna Frozen 13

Step 13: On either side of the vertical construction line and above each eye, draw a long, curved shape for Anna's eyebrows. The eyebrow on the left should be a bit shorter because of the perspective of her slightly tilted head.


Draw Anna Frozen 14

Step 14: Use the small oval at the bottom of the original circle as a guide to draw Anna's nose. Draw a V-like line at the bottom for her nostrils. Then draw smaller structural lines on the sides and a couple of squiggly lines on top for extra detail.

Draw Anna Frozen 15

Step 15: Draw Anna's lips under the nose using the D-like shape as a guide. First draw the upper lip as a set of wavy lines. Then draw the lower lip as a set curved lines. Draw tiny lines on the points of the mouth for this Frozen character's smile lines.

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