Draw Flynn Rider 11

Step 11: Flynn is very particular about getting his nose right, so use the construction lines and original circle as guides when learning how to draw Flynn Rider's nose. The top of the nose starts on the edge of the right eye, curves down toward the lower right side of the circle, and then angles toward the vertical construction line. This creates the bridge and tip of his nose. Draw a small line on the left for the side of his nose and two tiny lines on either side of the bridge of the nose for the nostrils.


Draw Flynn Rider 12

Step 12: Below the nose, draw his big smile. Flynn Rider's mouth is similar to a long letter D on its side. Draw two small lines on either side for the edges of his teeth. Draw a line on the top left for the smile line and another under the mouth for his lower lip. Tilt the smirk a bit to give him a smug look.


Draw Flynn Rider 13

Step 13: Use the original circle and arc under it as guides to draw Flynn Rider's face. Follow the basic path of the lines and dip the line in near his eye to create his cheekbone. The line ends next to his ear for a strong jawline.


Draw Flynn Rider 14

Step 14: On the bottom part of Flynn Rider chin, draw his goatee using quick, short strokes to simulate hair. Don't draw every individual hair strand. Just draw the basic outlined shape of the goatee.


Draw Flynn Rider 15

Step 15: Learning how to draw Flynn Rider's hair is a bit tricky, so it's divided into three parts. First draw the left side of the hair. Draw the long, thick bangs that come over his forehead, a line across the ear for the edge of the hair and the side burn in between the ear and bangs.

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