Draw Flynn Rider 6

Step 6: Draw two curved lines below Flynn Rider's head as guides for the neck. The line on the left should be a lot longer than the one on the right.


Draw Flynn Rider 7

Step 7: That’s it for the initial sketch! You have the basic shape of Flynn Rider, one of the characters from Walt Disney's Tangled. Now go in and tighten your drawing. When learning how to draw Flynn Rider from this point on, press harder with your pencil in order to get darker lines and a more defined sketch.


Draw Flynn Rider 8

Step 8: Tighten the shape of Flynn Rider's eyes by using the small ovals as guides. Draw a thick line line across each eye for the eyelashes. Draw a line above the eyelashes for his half-closed eyelids to give him a sly look.


Draw Flynn Rider 9

Step 9: Inside each eye, draw a circle for his irises. Inside each iris draw a tiny circle off to the side to represent glare and a slightly bigger circle in the middle for his pupil. Shade in Flynn Rider's pupil.


Draw Flynn Rider 10

Step 10: Above each eye, draw a long curved shape for Flynn Rider's eyebrows. Notice that the eyebrow on the left bends down close to the eye, while the one on the right is curves up and is high up away from the eye. This gives this Tangled character a playful, mischievous look.

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