Draw Wall-E Step 6

Step 6: Draw a big circle inside each of the half circles that make up Wall-E's eyes. Draw another circle inside each of those circles for the pupil. Shade in the inner circle except for another small circle on the upper right side that represents glare.


Draw Wall-E Step 7

Step 7: Use the guide lines to help you give Wall-E's eyes a more round shape without so many angles and sharp corners. They kind of look like binoculars. Draw a small half circle in between them to connect the eyes.


How to Draw Wall-E

Step 8: Below the eyes draw Wall-E's neck using the initial line as a guide. Draw a small cylinder shape as a hinge where Wall-E's neck bends, then use a series of lines above and below the hinge to make the neck thicker.


Draw Wall-E Step 9

Step 9: Draw the right hand by using the initial square as a guide. The hand consists of two rectangles that make up Wall-E's flat fingers on a hinge.


Draw Wall-E Step 10

Step 10: Use the line as a guide to draw the rest of Wall-E's arm. Draw a rectangle extending back toward the body. Draw the sides of the arm more or less parallel to the sides of Wall-E's body. Inside the arm draw a few stripes for Wall-E’s design.

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