How to Draw Peter Pan Step 11

Step 11: Draw in the shape of Peter Pan's face by using the original egg shape as a guide. Darken up a small portion of his forehead just above the right eyebrow. Continue drawing the line for his face below the eyebrow and make it dip in toward his eye. Then bulge the line out slightly for his cheek, wrap it around for his chin and finally stop drawing the line at his ear.


How to Draw Peter Pan Step 12

Step 12: Tighten the shape of Peter Pan's ear by making it pointier and drawing a line within the shape to indicate the inside of his ear. Draw two vertical lines below Peter Pan's face to create his neck. Draw one line that starts at his ear and goes down as it grazes his hair. The other line is smaller and starts at his chin.


How to Draw Peter Pan Step 13

Step 13: The hair is tricky, so this section about how to draw Peter Pan's hair is split in two steps. Draw the front part of his hair as a series of curved triangles that point down. Start at the base of his hat and fill in the spot between his eyebrows. Then draw a curved line with smaller jagged triangles that extends from the lower right point of Peter Pan's hat to the right eye.


How to Draw Peter Pan Step 14

Step 14: The second part of this Walt Disney cartoon character's hair starts at the base of his hat and goes down in a curve to just below the horizontal construction line. Add a few tufts of hair for his sideburn that goes up to his ear. Draw a few tufts under his ear as well to indicate the backside of Peter Pan's hair.


How to Draw Peter Pan Step 15

Step 15: Use the triangle as a guide to draw Peter Pan's hat. Round the top point, make the sides bend in a little, and make the bottom or base of the triangle curve across his head.

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