Draw Batman Full Body 10

Step 10: Inside Batman's head, draw two angled lines for the heavy brow. Sketch the lines lightly at first, then darken them when you get the shape right. The lines should be on either side of the vertical construction line and a little higher than the bottom edge of the initial circle. The outer ends of the lines should almost touch the edge of the initial circle. The end result should be similar to check marks.


Draw Batman Full Body 11

Step 11: Under the heavy brow, draw a couple of shapes for Bruce Wayne's eyes. The eyes are basically thin slits. The bottom line should be flat, while the top line should curve a bit more. When Bruce Wayne wears his costume, his eyes are white, so don't draw anything inside the shapes. Draw a small diagonal line under each eye to give Batman a more grim look.

Draw Batman Full Body 12

Step 12: Draw Batman's nose as an angled line below the bottom edge of the initial circle. The bottom of the nose should be similar to a wide letter V. Add a couple of lines between the eyes for the structure of the bridge of the nose.


Draw Batman Full Body 13

Step 13: Under the nose, draw a line that curves down on the sides for Batman's mouth. Add a shorter line under the mouth for the bottom lip.

Draw Batman Full Body 14

Step 14: Draw Batman's mask opening by first drawing a curved, horizontal line on either side of the nose. Now draw the sides of the mask's opening as a series of vertical lines on the sides of the face. Darken the lower part of the U-shaped arc to create Bruce Wayne's chin.

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