Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 15

Step 15: Using a few curved lines, draw the design within the circle created in the previous step. Draw a small indentation at the top of the circle where the opening is. Now draw the indentation at the bottom of the circle, opposite the top indentation. Now draw the indentations on the sides. All of these indentations should be evenly spaced for a symmetrical design. The indentations on BB-8 should be connected using curved lines that are parallel to the circle from the previous step.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 16

Step 16: Draw the other circles on BB-8's body using a series of long, curved lines. Because the body is spherical, only a portion of the circles will be visible. Pay attention to the size of the circles and the distance between them.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 17

Step 17: Draw the design inside these circles using a series of curved lines. The curved sides of this design should be parallel to the outer circles from the previous step. Give the line a few indentations as you draw the design within the circles.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 18

Step 18: Draw a few rectangle-like shapes in the middle of the circles to finish the design. The design for the circle on the right consists of a rectangle- like shape fused with a circular shape.


Draw BB-8 Force Awakens 19

Step 19: Darken the outline of the main circle to create BB-8's body. Darken the bits of construction lines outside of the circles for the different sections of the body. Draw a small circle at the corner of each section for the bolts holding them together. Add a few extra shapes on the outer edges of the circles for extra detail.

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