Draw C-3PO 6

Step 6: Darken the edges of the smaller circles to create C-3PO's eyes. Inside each eye, draw a big dot for his pupil-like sensors. If you're having a hard time drawing the circles for the eyes, trace the outside edge of a bottle cap or any other circular object of the correct size.


Draw C-3PO 7

Step 7: Draw a series of vertical lines inside each eye, which act like a protective barrier for C-3PO's fragile eyes. About five lines work well in each eye.


Draw C-3PO 8

Step 8: Draw a few curved lines around C-3PO's eyes for extra detail. These lines represent the curved metal that is bent around the eyes.


Draw C-3PO 9

Step 9: Right under the main circle you drew in step 1, draw a line that shaped like an upside-down letter V for C-3PO's nose. Draw another line under each eye for more detail on the metal.


Draw C-3PO 10

Step 10: Under C-3PO's nose, right in the middle of the U shape that makes up the jaw and chin, draw a small rectangle as a guide for the mouth. Draw a line on either side of the rectangle that stretches to the edges of the head for more detail.

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