Draw Yoda Step 6

Step 6: Use the circles as guides to draw in Yoda’s eyes. Two slits in the middle make the upper and lower eyelids. Then draw a few lines on each of Yoda’s eyelids to represent wrinkles.


Draw Yoda Step 7

Step 7: Inside each eye draw a circle to represent Yoda’s iris, but since his eyes are half closed, draw only the visible portion. Draw another circle inside each eye and shade it in for his pupils and a final circle to represent glare.

Draw Yoda Step 8

Step 8: Darken in the right and bottom part of Yoda’s nose using the circle as a guide. Then draw a few curved lines on either side for his nostrils.


Draw Yoda Step 9

Step 9: Use the small horizontal construction line as a guide to draw Yoda’s mouth, which resembles a long and wide letter M. Draw a curve under it for Yoda’s lower lip and a few lines around it for his wrinkles.

Draw Yoda Step 10

Step 10: Below Yoda’s mouth, near the bottom of the main circle shape, draw a half circle for his chin. Draw a few more lines for wrinkles on the side of Yoda’s mouth and around his chin.

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