Draw Boba Fett Step 6

Step 6: Continue on the front part of Boba Fett's helmet by adding a series of lines that envelop the capital T shape you drew in step 5. Notice that the edges curve inward at the top and sides of the shape.


Draw Boba Fett Step 7

Step 7: Draw in the rest of this Star Wars character's helmet by darkening the lines that are connected to the shape in step 6, including the dome on the top.


Draw Boba Fett Step 8

Step 8: Finish up the designs on the front of Boba Fett's helmet by drawing two curves that look like upside-down U’s on either side of the helmet. Also, draw two little triangles on the top part of the helmet.


Draw Boba Fett Step 9

Step 9: Boba Fett has many accessories to aid him in bounty hunting. One of those is the antenna and external targeting rangefinder on his helmet. Draw this on the left side of the helmet by drawing a long, rounded rectangle somewhat parallel to the side of his helmet. Add in a few lines for detail.



Draw Boba Fett Step 10

Step 10: Now draw the rest of this Star Wars character's external targeting rangefinder, which comes out of the shape that you drew in step 9. Draw a rectangular shape on top of this and add a few design details.


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