Draw Plankton Spongebob 11

Step 11: Use the rectangle under Plankton's eye as a guide to draw the first part of the mouth. Follow the basic path of the rectangle, but make the lines curvier at the corners and wavier at the sides. Draw a line through the middle for the teeth.


Draw Plankton Spongebob 12

Step 12: Draw small lines inside the shape of the mouth for Plankton's individual teeth. Draw a few small, curved lines around the mouth for extra detail.


Draw Plankton Spongebob 13

Step 13: Use the lines on the sides of the body as guides to draw Plankton's arms and hands. Follow the path of the lines as you thicken up the shapes and create the arms. Use the small circles as guides to draw the hands curled up into fists.


Draw Plankton Spongebob 14

Step 14: Follow the paths of the initial lines on Plankton's head but make them thicker for the antennae. The tips should be pointy. Draw four tiny horizontal lines on the top side of the antennae.


Draw Plankton Spongebob 15

Step 15: Darken the outline of the entire shape to create Plankton's body. When you get to the bottom, use the small lines as guides to draw the feet.

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