How to Draw Squidward Step 11

Step 11: Give Squidward lower eyelids to emphasize his angry face. Use the bottom part of the main oval as a guide for the placement of the eyelids. Draw this SpongeBob SquarePants character's square pupils too.


How to Draw Squidward Step 12

Step 12: Use the main shapes as guides to draw the rest of Squidward's head. Have the lower part of his jaw come out to the side a bit and draw his frowned mouth that goes behind his nose.


How to Draw Squidward Step 13

Step 13: Thicken the guide under Squidward's nose to create his neck. Below his neck draw a series of small lines and arcs to create his shirt collar.


How to Draw Squidward Step 14

Step 14: On either side of Squidward's collar, draw a long arc similar to and upside-down letter U for his shirtsleeves. Then thicken the guide lines to create his arms. Use the small circles as guides to draw Squidward's fists.


How to Draw Squidward Step 15

Step 15: Use the remaining part of the rectangle to finish drawing Squidward's shirt. Darken the half circle under for the bottom part of his torso.

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