Draw Eric Cartman Step 5

Step 5: That's it for the initial sketch of Eric Cartman from South Park! You have the basic Cartman shape, and now you will go in and tighten your drawing. From this point on, press harder with your pencil in order to get darker lines and a more defined sketch.


Draw Eric Cartman Step 6

Step 6: Start by darkening the shape of Eric Cartman's eyes. Draw two small circles inside of them close to the vertical construction line. These are his pupils. Cartman is an angry child, so draw in two thick diagonal lines above his eyes that nearly meet at the vertical construction line. These are Eric Cartman's eyebrows.


Draw Eric Cartman Step 7

Step 7: Now darken in Eric Cartman's mouth. Draw a small line below his mouth that curves upward. Draw this line so it is a bit longer than his mouth. This is his chin. Cartman is a fat child, so give him a double chin by drawing a much longer curve under his chin. This curve should follow the shape of Cartman's head.


Draw Eric Cartman Step 8

Step 8: Draw a flattened cloud shape on top of Cartman's head. This will be the poof on his hat. Darken in the horizontal construction line and draw another similar line right above it. This is his Eric Cartman's headband. Finish drawing the hat and head by darkening the rest of his head shape.


Draw Eric Cartman Step 9

Step 9: When you darken in Cartman's mittens, make sure you draw a small bulging curve on the inside of each to represent his thumbs.

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