How to Draw Mew Step 11

Step 11: Using the line as a guide, draw the right arm, which sits below Mew’s head. Give him three small fingers at the end of his hand, which are a series of zigzags or small triangles.


How to Draw Mew Step 12

Step 12: The right leg is an arc that starts at the top part of the oval that makes Mew's body shape. The leg arc extends to the outside of the body oval. Draw another arc next to it on the inside of the body that faces the opposite way. Mew’s foot is basically a really tall U shape that gets wider at the bottom. Don’t forget to draw in Mew's three toes.


How to Draw Mew Step 13

Step 13: Now darken in the shape of Mew’s body. Connect the top of the right leg to the underside of the right arm. Draw in the left side of the body by following the basic shape, but make him slightly thinner.


How to Draw Mew Step 14

Step 14: Draw the left leg by following the shape of the oval that makes Mew's body. Draw the left foot under his body and make it look just like the right foot, complete with three toes.


How to Draw Mew Step 15

Step 15: Draw the left arm under Mew’s head by using the guide. Don’t forget to give him three small fingers on the hand.

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