How to Draw Mewtwo Pokemon 6

Step 6: On the left side of the body, draw a very long angled line as a guide for Mewtwo's first leg. This line should be similar to a backward letter Z. To the right, draw a long, sloping, vertical line as a guide for the other leg. This line shouldn't bend or curve. On the right-most side, draw a very long, S-shaped line as a guide for the tail. Draw the tail as high up as the head.

How to Draw Mewtwo Pokemon Guides Lines

That's it for the guides! For the next steps, use darker lines for a more defined drawing.

How to Draw Mewtwo Pokemon 7

Step 7: Inside the head, under the diagonal construction line, draw a triangular shape for Mewtwo's eye. Make the bottom, right side of the eye round. Inside the eye, draw a small, U-shaped line for the iris. Inside the iris, draw an even smaller, U-shaped line and shade it in for the pupil. Off to the side, draw a tiny circle for a highlight.

How to Draw Mewtwo Pokemon 8

Step 8: On top of the head, draw two short, angled lines for Mewtwo's horns. These shapes should be similar to little squares. Use the diagonal line to help you with their placement.

How to Draw Mewtwo Pokemon 9

Step 9: Darken the outer edges of the circle and muzzle guide to create the rest of Mewtwo's head. Inside the muzzle, curve the line inward to create the mouth. Above the mouth, draw a tiny dot for the nostril.

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