Draw Charmander 16

Step 16: Darken the lines of the initial shapes to create Charmander's body. The lines for the body shouldn't overlap the arm and foot on the left side. Draw a curved line inside Charmander's body for the color separation.


Draw Charmander 17

Step 17: Use the long arc on the right side as a guide to draw Charmander's arm. Only draw two triangle-like shapes at the tip of the hand and draw a third one inside the hand for a thumb-like digit.

Draw Charmander 18

Step 18: Draw Charmander's leg and foot on the right side by using the initial shape as a guide. This leg is positioned sideways, so make the front part longer. Draw the diamond-like shapes at the tip overlapping each other because of the foot's position.


Draw Charmander 19

Step 19: Darken the two lines that make up Charmander's tail and draw another curved line near the bottom for the color separation. At the tip of the tail, draw Charmander's flame. The flame consists of a curved line at the bottom and three wavy spikes of different sizes at the top.

Draw Charmander 20

Step 20: That’s it! You now have a nice sketch of Charmander from Pokemon. You can stop at this quick drawing for a rough, sketchy look, or continue to the next step to go for a more finished look.

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