Draw Kirby Nintendo Step 6

Step 6: Darken in the shape of Kirby's body, arms and shoes. Do not darken the main circle where his arms attach to his body. Only extend the circle just slightly into the arm area.


Draw Kirby Nintendo Step 7

Step 7: For Kirby's eyes, draw two tall ovals a little higher than the horizontal construction line and on either side of the vertical construction line. Draw a smaller oval on the top inside part of the eyes to represent glare. Shade in the eyes of this Nintendo video game character.


Draw Kirby Nintendo Step 8

Step 8: Draw Kirby's mouth right below the horizontal construction line. His mouth looks like an upside-down triangle with rounded corners. Draw a curve inside to represent his tongue.


Draw Kirby Nintendo Step 9

Step 9: That's it! You now have a nice sketch of Kirby from the Nintendo video games. You can stop at this quick drawing for a rough, sketchy look or go for a more finished look by continuing to the step below.


Draw Kirby Nintendo Step 10

Step 10: For a more finished, inked look, carefully draw over the final sketch lines with a pen or marker. Wait for the ink to dry, and then get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser. You now have a finished inked drawing of Kirby! You can stop here or go to the final step to complete your Kirby drawing.


Draw Kirby Nintendo Final Step

Final Step: For a completely finished Kirby drawing, you have to color it. You can use markers, color pencils or even crayons! Color Kirby's face and body pink, his tongue and shoes red and the inside of his mouth light brown. Give Kirby some blush by adding darker pink or light red oval circles to his cheeks. That's it! You now have a completed drawing of Kirby from the Nintendo video games.



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