Draw Toon Link 11

Step 11: Draw Toon Link's nose as a tiny triangle-like shape right where the construction lines intersect. Under the nose, draw the mouth. The shape of the mouth is similar to the letter D on its side.


Draw Toon Link 12

Step 12: Draw the front part of Toon Link's hair using a series of curved lines at the top of the head. Notice that the lines overlap the eyes and eyebrows. The eyebrows are essentially sitting on top of the hair, but that's the animation style.


Draw Toon Link 13

Step 13: Draw the sides of the hair, including the sideburns, by using the initial circle as a guide. Draw the bottom part of Toon Link's head and chin by using the initial circle as a guide too.


Draw Toon Link 14

Step 14: Draw Toon Link's teeth and tongue inside the mouth by using a series of short lines. Add the ears on the sides of the head too. The ears should be somewhat hidden by the hair.


Draw Toon Link 15

Step 15: Draw Toon Link's hat as a pointy shape behind the head. The base of the hat is simply a curved line to the right of the head, and the top of the hat is a couple of lines that come to a point to the left of the head.

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