Draw Toadette 16

Step 16: Draw Toadette's vest as a few angled lines on the top part of the body. The shapes on the right side should be thinner because of the perspective.


Draw Toadette 17

Step 17: Use the line on the right as a guide to draw Toadette's waving hand. Follow the path of the line as you make the arm thicker. Draw the hand and fingers by using the circle and lines as guides.


Draw Toadette 18

Step 18: Draw a few circles on either side of the head for the hat's decorations. The circles should get bigger in size as they get closer to the bottom. They should be behind the body, so don't always draw the complete circles.


Draw Toadette 19

Step 19: Use the bottom lines as guides to draw the bottom half of the body. Darken the straight and curved lines to make up her dress. Then darken the curved circles to create her shoes.


Draw Toadette 20

Step 20: That’s it! You now have a nice sketch of Toadette. You can stop at this quick drawing for a rough, sketchy look, or continue to the step below to go for a more finished look.

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