How to Draw Diddy Kong Step 11

Step 11: For Diddy Kong's ear draw a long oval-like shape sitting on top of the right side of his muzzle. Draw a few curved lines within the ear as the inner structure. Draw a thin, narrow rectangle on the left side of Diddy Kong's head as the visible portion of the other ear.


How to Draw Diddy Kong Step 12

Step 12: Draw Diddy Kong's cap using a few curved lines. First draw a curved horizontal line above his eyes from one ear to another. Above that line, draw a curve similar to an upside-down letter U pointing left. Then use the top part of the original circle to finish the top part of the cap.


How to Draw Diddy Kong Step 13

Step 13: Use the initial lines as guides to draw the arm on the right. Thicken up the line that makes up Diddy Kong's arm. Make the top part round to indicate his shoulder and the middle part thicker for his forearm. Draw a few zigzag lines at the end to indicate where his fur ends. Thicken up the rest of the lines to create his fingers and draw an extra nub on top for Diddy Kong's thumb.


How to Draw Diddy Kong Step 14

Step 14: Draw Diddy Kong's shirt and torso using the initial circle as a guide. Draw a curved horizontal line across the oval as the bottom part of the shirt and a tiny oval below it as his belly button.


How to Draw Diddy Kong Step 15

Step 15: Draw a curved line near Diddy Kong's arm and on the lower part of his shirt for extra detail. Also draw a couple of stars on his shirt for the classic Diddy Kong shirt design.

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