How to Draw Bowser Step 6

Step 6: Draw Bowser's nose as a curve right on top of the horizontal construction line. Below this line, draw two small water drop shapes on their sides to create Bowser's nostrils. Draw another small curve near the bottom of the main oval for the rest of Bowser's nose.


How to Draw Bowser Step 7

Step 7: Using a series of curves, draw in the top of Bowser's snout. The bottom part follows the bottom of the main oval and meets in where the vertical construction line is. The rest of it consists of some bumps below the horizontal construction line. Draw in two teeth on the bottom of Bowser's snout.


How to Draw Bowser Step 8

Step 8: Following the main shape for Bowser's bottom jaw, draw a wavy line that starts below the horizontal construction line where the top left part of his snout is. Continue drawing that line all the way to the bottom of his snout right next to his right tooth. Draw the right side of Bowser's jaw as a curve that goes from the horizontal construction line to the top of his snout.


How to Draw Bowser Step 9

Step 9: Using the U shape inside of Bowser's mouth as a guide, draw in four pointy teeth, two on each side of the U. Now tighten the rest of Bowser's mouth by darkening in the mouth shape. Draw another big U shape inside for this video game character's tongue.


How to Draw Bowser Step 10

Step 10: Directly above the shape for Bowser's eyes, draw in his eyebrows using a series of curves and spikes to indicate their bushiness. Draw the right eyebrow slightly narrower because of the perspective.

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