Draw Waluigi Step 11

Step 11: For Waluigi's hat, draw a line that goes from the right side of his face, above the left eye. Make this line go to the left a bit, and make it curve up toward the top of the main square shape, and then bring it back down, ending on top of the ear. Draw the “bill” of the cap as a line that comes into the right eye and goes to the left.


Draw Waluigi Step 12

Step 12: To draw the top part of Waluigi's hat, use the top curve of the first main shape as a guide, but make it wider and draw an extra curve on the right side the ends on top of his ear. This will represent the back of Waluigi's hat.


Draw Waluigi Step 13

Step 13: Finally draw a big backward, upside-down letter L in front of it above Waluigi's bill of the hat and draw a circle around it.


Draw Waluigi Step 14

Step 14: Darken in the shape of Waluigi's eyes and draw a curved line on top of each that hide behind the bill of his hat for his eyebrows. Draw an extra line around his eyes to give him that crazed look. Draw his eyes as three tiny circles inside each other that represent his iris, pupil and glare.


Draw Waluigi Step 15

Step 15: Now draw in Waluigi's left sideburn, which sits below his cap and behind his moustache. It's round at the bottom and has a tiny point where it curls up. When drawing his ear, give it more shape and make it pointy on top. Draw some lines within it to indicate the inside of this video game character's ear.

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