Draw Link Step 11

Step 11: Draw Link's mouth on top of the lowest of the horizontal construction lines and draw it as a longer, slightly curved line. Below it, draw another curved line for his lower lip.


Draw Link Step 12

Step 12: Tighten the left side of Link's bangs by using the initial shape as a guide. Draw them as big clumps of hair; don't draw every single individual hair. It should be jagged and pointy at the bottom with a few lines within the shape for detail.


Draw Link Step 13

Step 13: Draw the right side of Link's bangs using the same technique: clumps. Remember, draw curved lines at the top, jagged points at the bottom and lines within it for detail.


Draw Link Step 14

Step 14: Above Link's eyes, draw his eyebrows as long, narrow rectangles that hide behind his hair. Angle them to give this video game character a tougher look.


Draw Link Step 15

Step 15: Draw Link's sideburn below the left side of his bangs and right next to the guide for his ear. Use curved lines that come to a point like his bangs.

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