Draw Wario Step 11

Step 11: For Wario's hat, draw a line that goes from the left side of the main shape at the end of the horizontal construction line. This line curves and grazes the top of the original rounded square and ends just above the other side of the horizontal construction line.


Draw Wario Step 12

Step 12: To draw the top part of Wario's hat, use the top curve of the main shape as a guide. Give him an extra curve on the left side the ends on top of his left ear to represent the back of his hat.


Draw Wario Step 13

Step 13: Finally draw a big W on the front of Wario's hat above the hat's bill. Draw a series of lines behind the W that resemble a half circle.


Draw Wario Step 14

Step 14: Darken in the shape of Wario's eyes. Draw a curved line underneath the eyes that represent the top of his cheeks. Draw thick eyebrows over each eye that hide behind the bill of his hat.


Draw Wario Step 15

Step 15: Draw a curve on the outer side of Wario's eyes that goes from the bottom of the eyebrow to the line the eyes are sitting on. This will give Wario a more crazed look. Inside of this video game character's eyes, draw three tiny circles inside each other that represent the iris, pupil and glare.

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