Draw Toad Step 6

Step 6: Start by tightening Toad's head. Darken in the circle, but make it lower at the top, which is where Toad's cap rests.


Draw Toad Step 7

Step 7: Draw Toad's eyes by drawing two ovals on either side of the vertical construction line that sit right on the horizontal construction line. Shade them in except for a small circle near the top to represent glare. Below the horizontal construction line, draw in a shape similar to a curved D on its side for Toad's mouth. Inside the D, draw a curve for his tongue.


Draw Toad Step 8

Step 8: Darken in the shape of Toad's cap. Inside of the cap, draw a big circle and a couple of lines on the sides to represent the spots on this video game character's hat.


Draw Toad Step 9

Step 9: Draw in the left arm by using the guides drawn earlier. Thicken the base up, making Toad's arm rounder and fuller.


Draw Toad Step 10

Step 10: Add Toad's vest by drawing a series of rounded rectangles that wrap around the left side of the body and skinnier rectangles on the right side of Toad's body.

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