How to Draw Cartoon Airplane 6

Step 6: Draw a sloping line underneath for the lower edge of the airplane's wing.


How to Draw Cartoon Airplane 7

Step 7: Draw a short line to the left of the wing for the visible part of the back of the plane. To the left, draw a small, rectangular shape for the horizontal stabilizer on the tail. This shape should be similar to the wing, only much smaller.

How to Draw Cartoon Airplane 8

Step 8: Above that, draw a tall, triangle-like shape for the vertical stabilizer on the tail. The airplane's wing will block a big part of this section, so only draw the visible part using a few short lines.


How to Draw Cartoon Airplane 9

Step 9: Below the front window, draw a big curved line similar to a backward letter C for the front of the plane. Make the top section of this shape a bit thinner and somewhat pointier.


How to Draw Cartoon Airplane 10

Step 10: Draw a long line that slopes to the lower, left side for the bottom of the airplane. Curve the left end of the line upward to meet the tail.

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